Preschool Ministry

Donna Hutcheson, Director of Preschool Ministries

"Jesus Loves You" is a phrase you will hear often in our preschool corridors. Your preschooler will learn this truth and many others from the Bible. Our teachers use fun, age-appropriate activities to teach the Bible to God's youngest people.


We are a safe place for preschoolers. There are several layers of security in place to help provide the safest environment we can for your child. All volunteers have background checks on file. We even use fingerprint scanning systems to ensure that only those approved by parents/guardians are able to check-in and check-out children in our classrooms.


Our Preschool Parents' Guide is available here as well. Click here to download this document for more information on our ministry. 


As we take care of your precious children, we encourage you to attend the small group of your choice and a worship service.

Be sure to download and read our Parents' Preschool Guide for policies and details about this ministry.


Donna Hutcheson serves as our Director of Preschool Ministries. She began serving at First in 2013. She is a nurse and former missionary to the Far East. Her husband, Joe, continues to lead mission trips to the Far East each year while serving at a sister church in our community.
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