Ocoee, Tennessee


Ten years ago, Pastor David Tarkington led our first Battle Ready Weekend. Over the years, the venue has remained the same, but the teaching and life lessons have grown deeper. Battle Ready is not your typical church event. Our time together will be fun, but more importantly, will be intently focused on the message God has for us. God created man for His glory and yet, we often forget this. To live from the true heart means to understand that at our core, we are made in His image, for His glory and His purpose.

The weekend is called "Battle Ready" because we understand that the battle rages for the hearts of men. We know God is saying to us that with Him, we have what it takes. It's just that sometimes we forget and do not hear His voice. This weekend is focused on preparing men for the battle that continues. God is the focus. Our rescued hearts are the result.

This weekend is for men of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. In other words, it's not just for guys in our church, or any church for that matter. We allow boys to attend as well for a very strategic purpose. The brotherhood that is authentic manhood needs to be seen and experienced, not only by the men in attendance, but by these young boys. We are walking with them through this journey and inviting them into authentic manhood. Boys in grade 4 and up are welcome to attend, but remember, this is not designed to be a father/son weekend nor are the teaching sessions adjusted to be kid-friendly. Boys in grades 4 through 8 must have an adult chaperone attending.

$200 per person

This cost covers transportation from Orange Park to Horn's Creek and back on our bus (riding the bus is optional), lodging, meals in Tennessee, two hours of paintball, two hours of zip line fun and all teaching sessions along with notes and take home guides so that you can continue the journey after the weekend ends.


White Water Rafting on the Ocoee River

On Sunday, September 2 we offer two white water options.

These are optional activities for an additional cost.


  Upper/Middle Ocoee Middle Ocoee
Total Trip Time 6 hours 3.5 hours
River Miles 8 miles 4.5 miles
Time on River 4 hours 2 hours
Minimum Age 13 years 12 years
Lunch provided Yes - cookout, not snacks No
Extra Cost $105 $45


Funyak the Hiwassee River

While some are white water rafting the Ocoee River, others may choose a more relaxed run down the Hiwassee River. Funyaks are one or two-man inflatable kayaks.


Total Trip Time 4 hours maximum
Minimum Age 10 years for double, 6 years for single
Lunch provided No
Extra Cost $25 for single, $45 for double